30-11-2019 23:32:02 How to identify fake deals


Virtual shopping is becoming the public's basic interest these days. Moreover, the heavy discount, quality products, time-saving, home delivery services, room for comparing and knowing the dealers are all the pros online shopping gives us. Nonetheless, the pros and cons go hand in hand and having discussed the pros one of the major cons of online shopping is fake deals and counterfeit products.

So here are a few ways that can help you differential between a genuine and a fake deal.


Use price tracks to know the detailed price history of the product

Many shopping sites and apps give you extra bumper discounts which might seem unrealistic. To get the assurance of the product's quality and authenticity you can track down the earlier prices and then compare if the given price is legit and obvious or not. Because if your deal is fake then the prices would be unreasonably high or low deteriorating the quality of the product.


Know your seller

As a customer, one of your primary concerns should be in regards to who is your seller. In order to identify that the seller is not of any fraudulent identity, you must ensure the contacts are real. This would basically save you from getting into trouble and becoming a scapegoat.


Fragile packing

The packaging is one of the eminent parts of an order. It can help you determine if the product is real or fake. Big brands spend a lot on the packaging just to ensure safety and make the product look unique. Packaging also includes the use of correct grammar and spelling. Any product that has a distorted logo may be fake or local.


Missing supplementary parts or accessories

Along with the product if there are supposed to be complementary accessories and they are missing then the deal can be termed as a fake one. This happens especially with the electronics. For instance, if you've ordered a phone and the earphones do not come along then that's a fishy deal.


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